Int.Ch. Roggenberg Arantxa - 2.5.91 - 7.12.06

Roggenberg Palomino

Roggenberg Lady Spotlite

Roggenberg Van Halen of Feuerbaron

Champion Roggenberg T.Rex

 Roggenberg Marshall Cooper of Eschewey

Roggenberg Natchez of Eschewey

Roggenberg Pretty Womaine of Eschewey

Ch.Roggenberg Hey Jude


Roggenberg Scrabble
(Charmalot K.Crunchy Nut x Ch. Chancery Lilly Snow (USA Importe))
Catshow in Celle Kitten: Exc.1 Best Variety and Best in Show

Roggenberg Xantana

Roggenberg Jolly Roger 

(Charmalot Kentucky Crunchy Nut of Roggenberg x Cheracat Layla of Roggenberg)

Roggenberg Bruce Willis

Roggenberg Wichita

(Charmalot K.Crunchy Nut x Graeftenhof Black Pearl of Roggenberg)

 Roggenberg MayDayMayDay

(Roggenberg Undercover Agent x Roggenberg Wichita)


Roggenberg Bubbles of Firedevils

Int.Ch. u. Gr.Int.Pr. Roggenberg Ever Reddy Teddy with 10,5 years

Ch. Stormaine Emmy Lou - 21.09.89 - 3.08.03

Ch. Roggenberg Undercover Agent - 30.7.00 - 2.3.07

died  cancer

Roggenberg Tutti Frutti 

Roggenberg Warrior Jax of Cheracat

Roggenberg Warrior Jax of Cheracat (CA)

Cheracat Layla of Roggenberg F4

Kaptain K.Sea with 8 weeks

Cincinnati Caine und Charmalot the One and Only

Roggenberg Just a BigMac of Stormaine F5

Unbelievable Sue from Familie Nether

Roggenberg Frisco

Roggenberg Oregon Firedancer

Ch. Cheracat In Warpaint of Roggenberg - 01.12.96 - 22.07.04 (my love died with cancer)

Roggenberg Rambo

Roggenberg Zooby Doo

Roggenberg Zuni

Roggenberg Last Tango of Kwanita

Int.Ch. Roggenberg Kadillac Jack of Goellebour

Roggenberg Kiss me Kate of Stormaine

Roggenberg Emily of Simbasas

Roggenberg Pirate Pete of Simbasas

Roggenberg Oakey Coonflake

Roggenberg Ohio und Mighty Mouse

Roggenberg Kaptain K.Sea of Escheway

Graeftenhof Black Pearl of Roggenberg

Roggenberg Shocking Blue of Stormaine
was seen on TV NDR together with Ever Reddy Teddy in December 01.

Roggenberg Nirvana

Roggenberg Suzie Q.

Roggenberg Texas Ranger + X-Plosion

At the Show in Salzwedel (19.11.05) our X-litter got Exc.1 and Best Litter (Best in Show) HLH

Roggenberg Gogetter