Info on Health

All our cats have been tested and vaccinated against Feline Leukemia since 1991. All our cats are handed out with a vaccination of Feline Infectious Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Desease and Rabies.

The following cats have been tested at the Vet-Clinic in Lüneburg free of HCM. (screening)
at the age of
Charmalot Kentucky Crunchy Nut 9.5
Ch. Roggenberg Undercover Agent 3.5
Ch. Roggenberg Vienna 3
Ch. Chancery Lilly Snow of Roggenberg 1.5
Graeftenhof Black Pearl of Roggenberg 5.5
Cheracat Moonlite Mary of Roggenberg 5.7
 Ch. Kwanitas Macy Gray of Roggenberg                  5,5

Ch.Roggenberg Whitemans Buffalo                            3

Gr.Int.Ch. Roggenberg Texas Ranger                         5,5       

Int.Ch.Chancery What`Z Up of Roggenberg                   4,2          

Int.Ch.Roggenberg Hot Rod                                             2,10