Welcome at Roggenberg Maine Coon
It all started in 1989 with Stormaine Emmy Lou. The hobby breeding Roggenberg exists since then. We have got kittens in nearly all colours and we breed with USA - lines, US - Import males, " Charmalot" and CA - Import females " Cheracat" (since 1996 with foundation lines). Our cats can move freely around the entire house . When we hand the cats over with 13/14 weeks they are vaccinated against; Feline Infectious Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Desease, Rabies and Feline Leukemia. They also have a veterinarian health certificate and a pedigree from TICACATS. We do not sell cats to mass breeders, pet shops or slippery people. Non - committal visits to our cattery are possible, just give me a call. Roggenberg Maine Coon: Cats guaranteed to be part of the family.

Gabriele Lühmann
21522 Hittbergen
Ph. +49 4139 68359
Fax: +494139699577