Rainbow Bridge

Charmalot Kentucky Crunchy Nut - Pedigree

14.6.94 - 9.1.08

My big Crunchy Nut, I must let him go over the rainbowbridge. I miss him very much. I don`t have the right words, for my feeling about this. Since 96 Crunchy was in my breedingline the first and the best I ever had. We could`nt help (FUS).

My special thank to Ginny,that you send me this wonderful boy and that I could spend nearly a quarter of my own life with him.


A thank you to Ginny Molloy Charmalot Cattery USA for the wonderful big charming boy Crunchy Nut.


once more I have lost a Friend.................

Int.Ch. + Gr.Int.Pr. Roggenberg Ever Reddy Teddy                      21.12.93 - 30.8.08